Gogo Cares

How Gogo Olive CARES started...

My first introduction to Zimbabwe came in 1999 when I got an opportunity to do my Occupational Therapy university placement at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. I fell in love with Africa.  I don’t think I was expecting Zimbabwe to be so beautiful or the real sense of community and family that I experienced.  Over the years since my first visit, I have followed the news of the many injustices that this country has had to suffer and I suppose I have felt frustrated at not knowing how to fight against the wrongs that have been done.  This is why I love what Julie has achieved with Gogo Olive.  Gogo Olive is actively making a difference in many lives in Zimbabwe, bringing a real hope for the future. 

As Julie’s big sister I am really proud of her and I am keen to support and encourage her in whatever she is doing.  In 2010 I came to stay with Julie for 2 months and experience the world of Gogo Olive.  During many chats and discussions the idea for developing the project started. It was great how Gogo Olive was offering the ladies a skill, a form of employment and a sense of worth and value but we felt we wanted to do more.  We wanted each lady to journey into the fullness of life that God had created them for.  We wanted them to truly grasp God’s love and the plan He had for their lives.  So I decided to try and develop this idea.....which is where Gogo Olive Cares was formed.

With Gogo Olive cares, we aim to disciple the ladies in their faith, to practically address other physical needs they may have and empower them by education. 

I love getting to work alongside my sister and so many amazing ladies.  The ladies are teaching me a lot about faith in God and loving others as ourselves.  I feel enriched and privileged to be a part of Gogo Olive and to spend time in such a beautiful country.  You should come visit this place!

Ruth Hagan


Aims and Objectives of Gogo Olive Cares


Aim: To provide the ladies with a place to meet with God, to be disciple and encouraged to go out and disciple others.


  • Hold weekly Bible studies, sharing God’s truth and praying for one another
  • Give every the lady the opportunity to attend the Alpha Course (a basic Christianity course)
  • Hold 2 Christian conferences a year


Aim: To practically address physical needs and empower the ladies through education.


  • Run educational workshops to allow increased knowledge and understanding
  • Set up saving schemes to encourage good stewardship of money
  • Provide care packages when a lady is released from prison or has a baby
  • Have an emergency fund to help with health costs and school fees in special circumstances


Aim:  To create a sense of belonging and encourage unity and teamwork with the group.


  • Carry out home visits, showing an interest in each person’s life and  their family
  • Have 4 fun days a year


Aim:  To raise awareness of life in Zimbabwe and how others can get involved.


  • 4 yearly newsletters
  • Monthly prayer updates
  • Organise speaking engagements when in the UK
  • Liaise with Gogo Olive Trust on fundraising.