Gogo Knits

Gogo Olive KNITS

Gogo Olive KNITS recognises the sense of purpose and worth that having employment brings as well as the obvious financial benefits.  Being a part of Gogo Olive gives our ladies the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families and to experience the security and independence that comes with this.  AND we believe that a lot of fun can be had along the way!


Aims and Objectives of Gogo Olive Knits


Aim: That all of the women who are a part of Gogo Olive have the opportunity to earn a ‘living wage’ and will be enabled to become self sufficient.

(living wage (n.) - a wage sufficient for a worker and their family to live comfortably.)


  • By carefully calculating how much the women are able to earn per day through knitting.
  • By providing training in budgeting skills.
  • Through introducing savings schemes.
  • Through giving the women opportunities to feedback on their monthly expenses and how much they are able to earn.
  • Through the work of Gogo Olive CARES, including education in issues of empowerment and self-sufficiency.


Aim: To create quality, unique and handmade products under fair trade conditions that enrich the lives of both the producer and the consumer.


  • By copyrighting our designs to ensure they are exclusively produced by us.
  • Through encouraging us all to work to the best of our ability and to celebrate the joy in making something beautiful.
  • By ensuring strict quality control checks are carried out.
  • By regularly monitoring the working conditions.
  • By giving everyone who is involved in Gogo Olive an opportunity to voice their opinions on all aspects of the project.


Aim:  To create links between the producer and the consumer.


  • Through the Gogo Olive website.
  • By including the name and photograph (where possible) on every product of who knitted it.
  • By creating a profile for each of the ladies that will be a part of our website and creating a facility that allows the ladies to receive personal messages from consumers.
  • Through the fundraising done to facilitate the work of Gogo Olive CARES and to develop the work of Gogo Olive KNITS.