Gogo Olive is really all the about the amazing, talented, fun and inspiring ladies who happily click their knitting needles together to lovingly make your original product, so let’s meet them!

You can send a personal message to any of the ladies which will be passed onto them.  The women who are still in prison do not have a photo but they would love to hear from you so please feel free to send a message to encourage them.



Gogo Olive is a registered charity in Scotland SC041281 and has a board of 8 Trustees who do fundraising and raise awareness of the work of Gogo Olive.

They are a committed and high-spirited group (and perhaps it should be noted that Iain appears to be the only man to slip through the net and make it onto the website!) and the work they do enables the running of the Gogo Olive CARES programmes.                                                                       



Gogo Olive currently has 3 full-time staff members and it is their job to try and make sure that all is running smoothly!

Every day is different and they face challenges along the way but they also have a lot of fun and feel honoured to be a part of the Gogo Olive team.