CHIPEMBERE (Rhino in Shona)


Finger Puppet, Key Ring, Mama and Baby


  • Each product comes with its own swing tag containing its personal name and the name of the lady who knitted it.
  • Handmade from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.
  • Filled with a polyester stuffing.
  • Wash by gentle sponge cleaning.

Rhino FACTS:

  • The name Rhinoceros means 'nose horn'.
  • A group of Rhino is called a crash.
  • A White Rhino can weigh up to 3500kg.
  • Relative to their size, Rhinos have small brains.
  • Rhino horns are made from keratin, the same substance that fingernails and hair are made from.
  • A Rhino dung pile can be up to 3 feet high.