• Each product comes with its own swing tag containing its personal name and the name of the lady who knitted it.
  • Handmade from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.
  • Filled with a polyester stuffing.
  • Wash by gentle sponge cleaning.

Pangolin FACTS:

  • Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal - they are targeted for their meat and scales which is used in traditional medicine.
  • When it is threatened, a pangolin will curl itself into a tight ball that is impenetrable to predators.
  • Baby pangolins travel around with their mother by riding on the base of her tail.
  • Pangolins don't have teeth, instead they have long sticky tongues that they use to eat ants and termites out of their mounds.
  • A pangolins tongue can be up to 40 cm long when fully extended - this is the longest tongue to body ration of all mammals.
  • Pangolins are the only mammals that are covered in scales
  • Pangolin scales are made of keratin, like our fingernails, and make up 20% to 30% of their body weight.